What Should I Do If an OKC Insurance Company Denies My Claim

OKC Insurance Company Denies My Claim

Insurance helps pay for major expenses, including medical, car, home, and more. People pay money each month to be covered, so receiving a rejection for something you thought your insurance company would pay for can be incredibly frustrating.

When this happens, and the insurance company has denied your claim, you may be left with a large bill you never anticipated. An Oklahoma personal injury attorney can help you navigate the systems and regulations of your insurance company to appeal the denial. They will walk you through the following steps:

Review the Policy

The first step is to review your insurance policy. Which sections are relevant to your denied claim? What does your insurance company say it covers? Reading the policy alongside a lawyer can be helpful; an experienced Oklahoma attorney for personal injury cases knows exactly what to look for and how to translate the complicated language in these documents.

Review the Denial Letter

The next step is to review why your insurance company denied your claim. If you have not received a denial letter, call as soon as possible and ask for a formal, written letter that you can have as documentation. Share these documents with your Oklahoma injury lawsuit lawyer.

This process may seem tedious, but by reviewing the information from your insurance company, you may be able to catch a small mistake on the company’s part or a misunderstanding of your policy or claim. Again, an experienced Oklahoma personal injury attorney can help you translate the jargon to make sense of what you need to know and how it relates to your case.

Gather Documentation and Additional Information

Be sure to keep meticulous records as you go through this process. Keep a copy of everything you received from the insurance company and all the other parties involved in your claim. For example, if you are working with medical insurance, you should keep documents from all your related doctor’s visits.

This will also help you and your Oklahoma personal injury law firm submit additional information in your appeal.

Follow the Appeals Process

All insurance companies have an appeals process for denied claims, and all of the appeals act in good faith. This means that your insurance company will reassess your claim with an open mind in light of new information. 

Ensure you are clear on exactly what information the company requires you to submit with an appeal. Additionally, be aware that state laws may also have extra requirements — a personal injury attorney serving Oklahoma can help. These requirements depend on the nature of your claim. For example, if you are trying to prove medical necessity, you may need documentation from a doctor stating the reasons. 

Seek the Help of a Lawyer

As you juggle communicating with multiple parties while keeping careful records, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. An experienced legal professional can relieve much of that burden. A personal injury lawyer in Oklahoma will know the ins and outs of state laws and best practices in filing appeals. A lawyer can also help manage and handle all the associated paperwork.

Reach Out Today

Finding legal representation for injuries in Oklahoma can help you navigate your insurance appeal. If your insurance company has denied your claim, we know how stressful that can be. It’s a lot of pressure for one person to take on a huge company, and the financial stakes are likely high. Let an Oklahoma personal injury attorney from Bryan Garrett, PLLC, guide you through this process with confidence by calling (405) 972-6931.

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