The Overlooked Aspect of Car Accident Cases: Property Damage

In the realm of car wreck cases, an Oklahoma car accident attorney highlights the underestimated impact of property damage on individuals’ daily lives. Property damages to your vehicle can disrupt and inconvenience life when you least expect it. It is important to address property damage after a car wreck.

Transportation influences daily lives from taking the kids to school, getting to work, picking up the children after school, taking them to sports events, attending your own work events, and even getting basic needs met like going to doctor appointments or the grocery store. The goal of an experienced property damage car accident attorney is to provide clients with specialized and comprehensive support throughout their legal journey.

The Significance of Property Damage

Post-car wreck scenarios inevitably involve vehicular damage, bringing disruptions to daily routines. Whether the car is in a repair shop or storage yard, the lack of reliable transportation poses challenges in routine tasks.

Understanding the Need for Transportation

Acknowledging the crucial role transportation plays in clients’ lives, the law firm recognizes that being without a vehicle not only disrupts lives but also hinders the capacity to fulfill essential responsibilities. The overarching goal is to offer holistic support, addressing the multifaceted dimensions of both injury and property damage needs, rather than just providing legal guidance.

Taking Care of Property Damage

Distinguishing itself from other law firms, this attorney firmly believes in comprehensively embracing the entire car wreck case, including the often-neglected property damage aspect. 

Following a car accident, many personal injury attorneys concentrate on securing compensation for the impacts the incident has on your health and ability to work. Undoubtedly, these are crucial forms of damages, given the potential expenses associated with medical treatment and lost work hours. However, the significance of damaged property should not be underestimated.

A vehicle in need of repairs or declared a total loss could result in substantial financial setbacks, amounting to thousands of dollars. Additionally, the breakage or loss of electronics and other valuables during an accident can further contribute to this financial strain. 

A property damage claim following a car accident opens avenues for compensation related to:

  • Laptops and other high-value personal electronics
  • Damage, destruction, or loss of vehicle contents
  • The overall value of your car, particularly if deemed totaled
  • The expenses incurred in repairing or replacing your vehicle
  • Costs associated with renting a car while your vehicle is undergoing repairs

Some personal injury attorneys may not handle property damage claims, leaving you to navigate through them on your own. However, grappling with your insurance company for these claims, particularly while recuperating from accident-related injuries, is far from ideal.

A Real-Life Example: Client Needs a New Car

To underscore the importance of addressing property damage, here’s a real-life example experienced by Bryan Garrett Law car accident attorneys. A gentleman in a prolonged battle with the insurance company for repairs and damages found himself unable to obtain a replacement vehicle despite tireless efforts. Frustrated and incapacitated from meeting daily obligations, he engaged the law firm’s services. Within a day, the firm not only assisted in obtaining a suitable replacement vehicle but also facilitated his ability to commute and carry out personal tasks without further inconvenience.

Bryan Garrett Law Provides Legal Assistance for Oklahoma Car Accident Victims

For those involved in car wrecks, understanding the significance of addressing property damage is often overlooked. The interruption caused by the loss of transportation profoundly impacts daily life. Our law firm prioritizes comprehensive support, addressing both injury and property damage aspects to secure the best possible outcome for clients. If facing such a situation, contact the attorney’s firm for assistance in navigating challenges and achieving a fair resolution.

At Bryan Garrett PLLC, let our law firm handle your case so you can focus on getting back to your life. For a free consultation with an Oklahoma personal injury attorney, contact us today at (405) 358-2342.

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