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We work with our clients to help ensure that they get the compensation they deserve from the insurance companies, whether their case goes to trial or is settled out of court. With more than 15 years of experience, Bryan Garrett is here for you.

Do I Need an Attorney for My Insurance Settlement?

In an ideal world, all insurance claims would be settled immediately and for the total amount needed to make you “whole” again. Unfortunately, that rarely happens.

However, it can be more common for an insurance company to be unsympathetic to your claim and unwavering in their decision to minimize your settlement or deny a claim.

When that happens, having an attorney on your side can make a world of difference.

Though there’s not a hard and fast rule to determine whether you need an insurance settlement attorney, it can be beneficial to schedule a consultation if one or more of the following apply to your situation:

  • Your claim is expensive or has unique factors that make it more complex than average.
  • You and the claims adjuster disagree on one or more issues.
  • You’ve had catastrophic damage from a tornado, fire, or flood.
  • There is ambiguity about fault.

Any of the above can complicate your case and call the fine print of your policy into question. Because insurance companies are profit-driven, their goal will be to pay you as little as possible. That is where having an experienced insurance settlement attorney on your side can help ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

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Benefits of Hiring an Insurance Settlement Attorney

Having an insurance settlement attorney acting on your behalf is like having a strong supporter in your corner who will do everything in his or her power to ensure that you get the compensation that’s warranted for your claim. An insurance company’s natural tendency is often to push the “little guy” around. However, once they’re informed that you’ve retained legal counsel, they may be more likely to cooperate and conduct matters more fairly.

Other benefits of hiring an insurance settlement attorney include:

  • Identify when it’s beneficial to replace an insurance adjuster.
  • Negotiate a denied claim.
  • Ensure all paperwork and evidence is submitted accurately and on a timely basis.
  • Potentially receive a significantly higher settlement claim.
  • Identify and report bad faith behavior to seek punitive damages.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Insurance Settlement Attorney?

Most insurance settlement attorneys (including Bryan Garrett) work on a contingency basis. This means that you don’t have to pay a fee unless the attorney successfully recovers money for you.

This arrangement can take the stress out of having to pay out-of-pocket expenses when you’re already burdened with the stress of an insurance claim.

The percentage that an attorney will take from your settlement or verdict varies, and the variation can be significant. Before you retain an attorney, make sure you know what the contingent fee percentage is, and have the agreement in writing. The written agreement should also specify if any expenses will be deducted in addition to the fee.

What If The Insurance Company Refuses to Offer a Fair Settlement?

While our team is usually able to negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf, there are cases where this is not possible. This happens most often when there is a dispute regarding the facts of the case. In these situations, it may be necessary to take the case to court. Over the past fifteen years, Bryan Garrett has helped a number of clients litigate cases in court – and win them. While other attorneys will shy away from going to court and push their clients to accept a poor settlement offer, Bryan is always willing to take a case to court if necessary to get you the compensation you deserve. When you sign with Bryan Garrett you can rest assured that you have an attorney that will fight for you until the very end.

Why Should I Hire Bryan Garrett to Negotiate My Insurance Settlement?

Dealing with insurance companies can be stressful and challenging. If they know you don’t have representation, they’re more likely to engage in manipulative tactics to persuade you to accept less than your claim is worth.

For example, insurance providers might submit a low-ball offer right away in hopes that you’ll be desperate enough to accept it. Or, they could decide to make you jump through extra hoops to prove the value of your claim. The worst-case scenario is a flat denial, leaving you with nothing.

Without an attorney, it can be tough to argue your case. However, when you work with Bryan Garrett, you’ll have an aggressive advocate on your side. With 15 years of experience, Bryan Garrett and his team will leave no stone unturned when it comes to recovering your claim. It’s important to consult with an attorney before the insurance company issues its final decision.

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