Car Crash Medical Bills
How Do I Pay Car Crash Medical Bills Without Health Insurance?
It’s estimated that 30 million Americans don’t have health insurance. If you’re one of those 30 million and someone causes a car accident that leaves you injured, you might be...
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a couple inside car having an accident
If I Am Injured While My Spouse Is Driving, Can I Sue My Spouse?
On average, spouses spend several hours of each day together, so the risk of having a car accident while you’re driving in the same vehicle is surprisingly high. If your...
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Motorcycle Lane-Splitting in Oklahoma | Bryan Garrett PLLC
Who Is at Fault in a Lane-Splitting Accident in Oklahoma?
As a motorcycle rider, you might regularly engage in lane-splitting to maneuver through traffic and attempt to avoid collisions, but traffic laws have deemed this practice illegal in Oklahoma. What...
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Medical billing statement from a OKC truck accident
If I Am Injured in an OKC Truck Accident, How to Pay for Medical Bills?
Injuries caused by commercial trucks can be catastrophic, leading to exorbitant medical bills that can top six figures. It’s normal to feel anxious about how your medical expenses will be...
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Slip and Fall Injury | Bryan Garrett, PLLC
Three Things You Should Do Immediately After a Slip and Fall Injury (and Two Things You Shouldn’t)
If you slip, trip, or fall and are injured on someone’s property or in a store, you may be able to seek compensation for the dangerous condition that caused your...
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Experienced Injury Accident Attorney in OKC | Bryan Garrett, PLLC
Do I Have To Make an Insurance Claim, or Can I File a Lawsuit Right Away?
When you begin seeking compensation for your damages after a car accident, you’ll likely discover that you have a few options. You can file an insurance claim, a lawsuit with...
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experienced Oklahoma accident attorney | Bryan Garrett, PLLC,
What If I Was Partially at Fault for My Oklahoma Accident?
When you’re injured in a car accident involving multiple parties, insurance companies often make it difficult to seek compensation for your damages. Car accidents typically involve many complex factors, so...
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Pain and Suffering Damages After a Car Accident in Oklahoma
Does Insurance Compensate for Pain and Suffering After an Accident?
Seeking compensation for tangible expenses like medical bills and property damage that have clear receipts may seem simple enough after a car accident. But what about compensation for pain, emotional...
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Truck Rollover Accident in Oklahoma | Bryan Garrett, PLLC
What Causes Truck Rollover Accidents in Oklahoma?
Truck rollover accident constitute some of Oklahoma’s most common and dangerous truck accidents, as extremely heavy vehicles, commercial trucks, and semi-trailers may cause massive damage on the road and devastating...
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Seat Belt Laws in Oklahoma for Child Safety | Bryan Garrett, PLLC, Experienced Local Car Accident Lawyer in OKC
Seat Belt Laws in Oklahoma to Protect Child Safety
Having a child in the car calls for extra precaution to protect your most vulnerable passengers and stay on the right side of the law. Seat belt laws in Oklahoma...
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