truck accident attorney
Can an Oklahoma Truck Accident Attorney Help Recover Damages If a Truck Driver Was Uninsured or Underinsured?
An Insurance Research Council report revealed that about 14% of American drivers are uninsured. It also highlighted the fact that this number is as high as 25% in places like...
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medical liens on settlements
How Personal Injury Attorneys Can Resolve a Medical Lien on a Settlement
You’ve had a car or truck accident, and you’re expecting that settlement check any day now. Much to your dismay, though, your lawyer informs you that there’s a medical lien...
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Colliding With a Motorcyclist in Oklahoma
What To Do After Colliding With a Motorcyclist in Oklahoma
According to the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety, nearly 1,300 motorcycle accidents occur in Oklahoma annually. About half of these involve more than one vehicle. If you ever collide with a motorcyclist, calling...
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truck accident settlement
How Long Does a Truck Accident Settlement Take in Oklahoma?
You’ve had a truck accident, and now those medical bills are piling up. How will you pay for those expenses if you’re too injured to work? What about rent, groceries,...
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Steps To Take After a Tire Blowout Causes an Accident
What Are the Steps To Take After a Tire Blowout Causes an Accident?
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that tire blowouts cause almost 80,000 car accidents in the U.S. each year, leading to over 10,000 injuries and about 400 deaths. If you’re...
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Claim for Emotional Distress
How Do I Claim Compensation for Emotional Distress Post Car Accidents?
After a car accident, you’re probably well aware of your physical injury, but what about your emotional distress? You can recover damages for emotional distress just as you can for...
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Navigating injury claims during pregnancy
How Pregnancy Affects Your Personal Injury Claim
If you’ve had a car accident while pregnant, you’re probably rightfully furious at the person who hit you. Car accidents pose serious dangers to pregnant women and their unborn babies....
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Truck Accident Lawyer
The Role of Truck Accident Lawyer in Advocating for Truck Drivers Injured by Unmarket Road Hazards and Neglected Road Maintenance
In the vast expanse of Oklahoma's highways and byways, truck drivers serve as the backbone of commerce, transporting goods across the state and beyond. Yet, amidst the seemingly endless stretches...
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Settlement Offer
An Oklahoma Personal Injury Attorney Explains How To Know If Your Settlement Offer Is Fair
After weeks of waiting, the insurance company has finally sent you a settlement offer. The amount seems fair, but is it really? Many accident victims accept low settlement offers that...
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Oklahoma Motorcycle Accident
Do I Need a Lawyer to Handle My Oklahoma Motorcycle Accident Case?
Getting in an accident while driving a motorcycle can be incredibly frightening. Motorcycle accidents are often very dangerous to the driver and can cause serious injuries.  An experienced Oklahoma motorcycle...
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