driver was texting and driving
Can I File Suit if the Other Driver Was Texting and Driving?
While the issue of distracted driving has existed for over a century, texting and driving is still a relatively new and uniquely destructive form of distracted driving. Despite continuous warnings,...
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Multi-Vehicle Car crash in Oklahoma
How Do I Prove Fault in a Multi-Vehicle Car Crash in Oklahoma? 
Determining fault in any car accident can be challenging, and when multiple vehicles are involved, the claims become more complex and it can be difficult to prove negligence.  If the...
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Should I Use My Own Insurance Policy After an Accident?
No one enjoys dealing with insurance companies, so many car accident victims are surprised to learn that it can be beneficial to use their own insurance policies after a car...
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Truck Accident in Oklahoma
Who Is at Fault For a Truck Accident in Oklahoma?
The aftermath of a truck accident is often devastating. The size of the truck makes for an extremely dangerous collision. If you’ve been in a truck accident in Oklahoma, you...
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car accident in Oklahoma
What Types of Evidence Can I Use for My Car Accident Claim?
When car accidents happen, they can cause serious injuries. If you’ve been hurt in a car accident in Oklahoma, contact a car accident attorney to help you file a personal...
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Car Accident
What to Do if I Get in a Car Wreck on Vacation Out of State?
Driving in unfamiliar territory comes with extra risks. When you’re involved in a car accident during a cross-country road trip or while vacationing in another state, what do you do?...
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Blind Spot Accident in Oklahoma
Who Is Liable in a Blind Spot Accident in Oklahoma?
When you’re in a blind spot accident with a truck, how do you determine who is liable for the accident? Can you qualify for compensation in Oklahoma after a blind...
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Yellow Light Motor Vehicle Accident
Who Is at Fault in a Yellow Light Motor Vehicle Accident?
Despite Oklahoma traffic laws indicating that a yellow signal means the light is about to turn red, drivers often make it a habit to speed through a yellow light instead...
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Can Uber be Sued for Their Driver’s Accident
Can Uber be Sued for Their Driver’s Accident?
Being compensated for injuries and property damage after a car accident can be a logistical nightmare, and it can be especially complicated if you are involved in an accident with...
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Take Photos or Videos of the Accident Scene
Should I Take Photos or Videos of the Accident Scene?
In the moments after a car, truck, or motorcycle accident, one of the last things you might be thinking about is your insurance or personal injury claim. After you ensure...
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