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Property owners have a responsibility to maintain safe premises for visitors. When they fail to remove or adequately warn visitors about hazardous conditions, they often become liable for the injuries that result. 

If you have experienced an injury or illness due to hazardous conditions on-premises, you need a qualified attorney to assist you. At Bryan Garrett Personal Injury Law Firm, we offer personalized, skilled assistance for premises liability victims across Oklahoma City. 

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What Is a ``Hazardous Conditions on Premises`` Case?

Property owners are sometimes liable for the injuries and illnesses that occur on their premises. Notably, if a property owner knows about hazardous conditions on the premises, yet fails to remove them or warn visitors about them, they could be financially responsible for the injuries that occur. 

A hazardous conditions on premises case is a type of premises liability case against a property owner for failing to resolve dangerous conditions, leading to an injury. The victims in these cases can seek compensation from the property owner through an insurance claim or lawsuit.

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``Open and Obvious`` Hazards

Oklahoma law protects visitors against “open and obvious” hazards,” which are dangers that a premises owner knows about or should have known about. Generally, in order for a property owner to be liable for an injury on their premises, the case must meet these conditions:

  • A hazard existed on the property.
  • The property owner knew about the hazard or had enough time to reasonably know about the threat.
  • The property owner failed to remove the hazard or warn customers.
  • Someone experienced an injury on the property because of the hazard.

The lines in premises liability cases can get blurry quickly. Property owners often fail to admit liability for injuries they could have prevented. Other times, customers blame property owners for accidents that were really their own fault. 

Working with an Oklahoma hazardous conditions on-premises lawyer can help you navigate a complex premises liability case. We can help you gather evidence that the hazard that caused your injury was “open and obvious” and represent you in a lawsuit if necessary. 

Common Hazards in Premises Liability Cases

Any hazardous condition can lead to injuries on a property. Here are a few of the most common hazards we see in premises liability cases:

  • Slippery floors or walkways due to ice or spilled liquid
  • Uneven flooring
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Damaged stairs
  • Obstructions on the floor
  • Potholes

What to Do When You Experience an Injury on Another Person's Property

Experiencing an injury on another person’s property can be embarrassing and overwhelming. As a result, injury victims often attempt to leave the accident without making a scene, failing to alert the property owner to their injuries. However, even if you feel embarrassed, letting the property owner know what happened is essential. 

Once you recover from the initial shock of the incident, you may decide to file a liability claim against the property owner. However, if you never alerted the property owner to the accident when it happened, you may not have much evidence to support your claim. 

Instead, here are the steps you should take when you experience an injury on another person’s property:

  1. Seek medical attention: Depending on the severity of your injuries, your first step may need to be seeking medical treatment. However, even if you are not in much pain at the time of the accident, receiving a medical exam is essential. Your doctor can catch any injuries you may overlook in the stress of the accident and provide documentation to use as evidence of your damages. 
  2. Alert the property owner: While waiting for help to arrive, you should alert the property owner to the accident. If you are at a store or business, the owner may need to fill out an incident report with the details about the accident. Additionally, they will need to alert their insurance company to the accident. 
  3. Take photos of the scene: You or another visitor should also take pictures of the accident scene. Be sure to include any hazardous conditions, such as an obstruction on the floor, in the photo. 
  4. Provide claim information: The property owner should file an insurance claim to cover your injuries or damages. Then, the insurance company will reach out to you within a few days of the accident to collect details about the claim. 
  5. Hire an attorney: While some hazardous conditions on premises cases are straightforward, most are not. An attorney can help you navigate your case and receive adequate compensation for your injuries. 


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