Male driver putting car seatbelt on
I Was Not Wearing a Seatbelt During an Accident, Can I Sue the Other Driver in Oklahoma?
Can you sue the at-fault driver if you weren’t wearing your seat belt? The short answer is yes. However, it may complicate your case and impact your payout.
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Bike laying down on the with a helmet next to it after getting hit by a car
If I Am Riding a Bike in Oklahoma and I Am Hit by a Car, Can I Sue the Driver?
If a driver hit you while you were riding your bicycle, you may be able to sue the driver for compensation. Working with a qualified personal injury attorney can help...
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Distracted male driving with a smart phone on his hand
What Are Oklahoma’s Distracted Driving Laws?
If you live in Oklahoma, understanding the state's distracted driving laws is essential. These laws are in place to keep drivers safe on the road. If a driver fails to...
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Dizzy male driver with a bottle of beer on his hand and his head on the car wheel
What If the Driver Who Hit Me in Oklahoma Was Drinking?
If you have been a car accident victim, you may be confused and overwhelmed as you attempt to navigate the best next steps. However, your case may be even more...
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Dash cam sticked to car front window
The Benefits of Having a Dashcam in Oklahoma
There are a lot of viral videos about weird, crazy, and incredible moments caught on dashcams in Oklahoma, but there are practical reasons to have a dashcam, too. This article...
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Woman holding her phone on her hand after a car accident
The First Thing You Should Do After an Oklahoma Car Accident
With 77% of drivers having been involved in at least one accident, the chances of having a car accident at some point in your life are very high. When an...
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Slip and Fall Accident
What If There Were No Witnesses to My Slip and Fall Accident?
Imagine this scenario: you’re walking around a restaurant, hotel, store, or property and slip or fall. Your injuries are serious, and while you would normally hope that no one witnessed...
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Car Accident Lawyer
I Was in an Accident as a Passenger in an Uber or Lyft – What Should I Do?
Taking an Uber or Lyft to get from Point A to Point B is the ultimate form of modern-day convenience, and most drivers have a stellar reputation for safety. But...
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Car Accident Lawyer
If I Miss Work Due to an Oklahoma Car Accident, Can My Lost Wages Be Recovered?
There’s no question that car accidents are incredibly stressful and a significant life disrupter. In addition to dealing with recovery from an injury and worrying about accumulating medical bills, there’s...
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Auto Accident Case
What Is the Statute of Limitations to Bring an Oklahoma Auto Accident Case? 
If you have been injured in a car accident, you have a few options to secure compensation for your injuries and suffering. One of the most effective ways to seek...
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