Three Things You Should Do Immediately After a Slip and Fall Injury (and Two Things You Shouldn’t)

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If you slip, trip, or fall and are injured on someone’s property or in a store, you may be able to seek compensation for the dangerous condition that caused your accident. Learning what you should and shouldn’t do immediately after a slip and fall accident can help you recover from your injuries and build a strong case to pursue compensation.

OKC slip and fall attorney Bryan Garrett, PLLC, shares three things you should do immediately after a slip and fall and two things you should avoid. 

What You Should Do After a Slip and Fall Injury

How you respond immediately after the accident will impact your case, so take the following three steps. 

1. Seek Medical Attention

You should seek medical care for your injury, regardless of its severity. In emergency situations, like broken bones or head injuries, call 911 for immediate treatment. For more minor injuries, complete the next two steps first, then go to your doctor or urgent care for a confirmed diagnosis. 

If a property owner or employee asks about your injuries after the accident, say you’re unsure until you can see a doctor. Do not say that you feel okay, as the adrenaline and shock of the accident can mask underlying injuries. 

2. Gather Evidence

Next, take photographs of the accident scene and anything that might have caused your fall. 

For example, in a recent case, one of the clients of Bryan Garrett PLLC fell backward down a flight of stairs because the handrail was loose. The client’s husband quickly took a few pictures of the handrail and loosened screws on the ground after the accident. Immediately after reporting the injury, staff on-site reattached the handrail, but fortunately there was already photographic evidence. 

It is also recommended to take photos of injuries right after they occur. Be sure to collect contact information from potential witnesses as well. Your OKC slip and fall attorney can use all of this information to build your case.

3. Report Your Injury

Finally, report your injury to the store manager, property owner, or whoever’s in charge. They will need to create an injury report to file with their insurance company. 

Be sure to provide a very detailed report of how the accident happened. For example, if you slipped on a wet floor, did you notice any wet floor signs? 

What You Shouldn’t Do After a Slip and Fall Injury

Now that you know how you should respond to a slip and fall injury, let’s discuss what to avoid after your accident. Here’s what you shouldn’t do:

1. Don’t Leave the Premises

After an accident, you may feel so overwhelmed by the adrenaline and shock that you just want to flee the situation. You should never leave the accident scene until you’ve completed the three steps above. The only scenario in which you should leave before reporting your injury and collecting evidence is if you have a critical injury requiring emergency treatment. 

2. Don’t Speak with Insurance Agents

After reporting your injury, the store or property owner will likely file with their insurance company. Following this claim, an insurance agent will call and ask you for details about the accident. Insurance agents are trained to use specific questions that elicit answers that can harm your case and reduce your settlement. 

If an insurance adjuster calls and asks you questions, simply say that you’re unable to answer until you consult your personal injury lawyer. 

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