What If You Slip and Fall on a Banana Peel in an OKC Grocery Store?

Slipping and falling on a banana peel is a classic punch line in comedies, but believe it or not, it does happen. At Bryan Garrett PLLC, a client slipped on a banana peel in a grocery store and experienced significant injuries. The Bryan Garrett PLLC won the case on behalf of their client against a local Oklahoma grocery store.

You don’t need to resign yourself to the fact that “accidents happen.” You may be able to hold the grocery store liable. Learn more about slip-and-fall accidents in Oklahoma and how grocery stores can be held liable.

Is the Grocery Store Responsible for a Banana Peel Slip-and-Fall Injury? 

A slip-and-fall accident is a type of premises liability case that occurs when a person slips, trips, or falls on a hazard on another person’s property. 

Premises liability establishes that property owners have a duty of care to reasonably be aware of and remove hazards from their premises. This law applies to business owners, homeowners, and every type of property owner in between. 

Because of this, grocery store owners are responsible for removing hazards from their stores that could put patrons at risk. But for you to hold a grocery store liable for a banana peel slip-and-fall injury, you and your OKC personal injury attorney must prove the following:

  • The grocery store owner reasonably should have known about the banana peel.
  • The grocery store owner did nothing to mitigate the hazard, like placing a hazard sign by it or removing it completely.
  • The hazard had existed for long enough that the grocery store owner had enough time to become aware of it and mitigate it.
  • The banana peel directly caused the injury.

Our Client’s Banana Peel Injury

In the case of our client who slipped and fell on a banana peel in a grocery store, we were able to prove that the grocery store should have known about the hazard yet failed to mitigate it. 

The grocery store offered half-price bananas to local grade school students after school each day. The students would come to the store, stand around eating their bananas, and often throw their banana peels on the ground.

Because of this student discount, banana peels were a common hazard in the grocery store. The grocery store owner had a responsibility to prevent or mitigate this hazard, either by prohibiting the kids from eating their bananas in the store or immediately cleaning up after them. 

What Compensation Can You Expect After a Banana Peel Injury? 

With the help of an experienced injury attorney in Oklahoma, you can hold a grocery store owner financially liable for your slip-and-fall injuries. Your personal injury lawyer can help you seek the following damages: 

  • Medical bills
  • Property damage (such as if your cell phone broke during the accident)
  • Time off work
  • Loss of future earning capacity (for long-term injuries)
  • Pain and suffering
  • Embarrassment/emotional distress
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

You’ll want to work with an experienced injury law firm throughout the compensation process. Your attorney can help you maximize compensation and take the stress of your case off your shoulders. 

Bryan Garrett PLLC: Your Slip-and-Fall Injury Claim Attorneys

Banana peel injuries — and other types of slip-and-fall injuries — are more common than you’d think, and they can necessitate expensive medical treatment. If you’re looking for Oklahoma personal injury counsel to guide you through a slip-and-fall claim, our attorneys at Bryan Garrett PLLC can help. Call us today at 405-369-7723 for your free consultation with an Oklahoma personal injury lawyer. 

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