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Collecting financial damages following an auto accident is always a daunting legal task when dealing with insurance companies and negligent actors. This can be especially true when the accident involves a big-rig and the transportation company could be liable as well. Trucking companies always dispatch an investigation team to the accident scene as soon as possible in an attempt to sway the official accident investigation that could result in costing the company a fortune in claim payouts. Police agencies are also many times stretched for resources when it takes time to accurately unravel an accident, and insurance companies understand this.

The official report may not be as thorough as needed for injured victims. Insurance companies will likewise investigate the accident themselves as soon as possible with the same intention as the transportation companies. And, this occurs in any accident regardless of truck involvement. What this means for injured victims is that they should call an experienced and aggressive personal injury attorney as soon as possible when injured because evidence can fade fast, and it is evidence that is necessary for equitable compensation.

What Your Personal Injury Attorney Can Do That You Cannot

A personal injury attorney is an officer of the court just like police investigators. This means they have access to all information police officers will have and can conduct a thorough investigation into the collision that will benefit your personal injury case. The novice injured party lacks this access to official records. In addition, any information the personal injury attorney finds can be used to track down other potential negligent actors who may be liable for financial compensation as well. An example would be an accident that was caused by defective automotive equipment or safety equipment manufacturers, such as air bag producers. There are many places where evidence can be found, and it could be evidence establishing a claim for additional financial damages. Any comprehensive personal injury attorney will go the extra distance in helping their client because it is in their best interest as well to see their clients properly compensated for serious auto accident injuries.

Negotiating With the Insurance Company

Insurance company adjusters are well-known for attempting to reduce the value of any claim submitted for approval. Technicalities are always what they look for, and many times the actually physical condition of the claimant does not matter. What matters is their obligation to the company and their policy holder. They are only obligated to the injured claimant to the extent of policy coverage, which can also be compromised when the claimant was driving at the time of the crash. The typically injured victim is never a match for a trained professional negotiator like an insurance company claims adjuster who could also be an attorney themselves. All injured parties need their own trained professional negotiating their claim for full damages regardless of the extent of injury, and especially in cases of serious injury or an accident fatality. Insurance companies are ruthless when they think they can avoid paying a claim, or at least reducing it through a comparative negligence defense that the injured claimant was largely responsible for their own injuries. This is where a personal injury attorney works hardest for their clients, and diligent attention to detail is vital for solid representation in high value claims.

Injury Damage Compensation

Once responsibility is established for any insurance company, the adjusters and personal injury attorney will begin discussing the actual value of a claim. All accidents have elements of compensation that include property damage, financial recovery for medical bills and lost wages when they apply, and additional general damages for pain-and-suffering that could last a lifetime for the injured victim. A personal injury attorney understands this dilemma for the client, and many times the injured client themselves do not realize the long-term effects of an accident injury until they are required to live through it. Accidents can be devastating on the life of the injured as well as their families when they have a spouse and dependent children. And when entire families are involved in a crash, it can be a significantly worse and even tragic scenarios. Mental anguish can also be claimed following an accident, which could further enhance the value of a claim. In addition, punitive damages could be available when the opposing negligent drivers where violating the rules of the road when the crash occurred, such as being impaired. Violation of safety rules for truck drivers could also leave the shipping company liable for damages, and their insurance requirements are much greater than the typical individual passenger vehicle owner.

Bad Faith Negotiation by Insurance Companies

Insurance companies regularly use claim settlement policy that borderlines illegal negotiation tactics, and a personal injury attorney knows these tricks the insurance provider will try. This is especially true when they think they can convince the claimant to not retain an attorney. This is actually illegal in itself, but they can always offer a quick response and undervalued settlement that the novice uninformed claimant will not realize is insufficient. Commercial entities who are liable for damages will try this step too, but an experienced personal injury attorney will understand how to identify when the insurance company or defendant is acting in bad faith regarding negotiating a damage settlement. These issues are filed as separate claims when a personal injury attorney can prove the claim, and they can be used as incentive for the insurance company to settle out of court for a whole damage amount to avoid the possibility of a significantly higher punitive damage award from a sympathetic jury.

Call a Personal Injury Attorney ASAP

Never attempt to handle an auto accident injury claim personally because the case could be much more valuable than you realize. Always call an aggressive personal injury attorney with a strong track record of results for their injured clients. You only get one chance at proper financial compensation, and it is vital to make that chance count for whole damages. Never wait to call a legal representative. Call immediately because time often equals money in damage claims.

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