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Automobile Accidents

Let’s face it. No one expects to be the unlucky victim of a car crash that is caused by someone else’s negligence. A car crash can change your life in an instant and endanger your ability to survive financially and enjoy daily activities. After an automobile accident occurs, there are immediate issues like getting medical treatment and resolving property damage claims. Long after the dust settles on fixing or replacing your damaged vehicle, however, you could be left with tons of unpaid medical bills and pain and suffering from injuries that could have been prevented. If your insurance company pays your claims, it’s not a big deal in terms of financial headaches, but there will be pain and recuperation challenges to endure. If you are seriously injured and have trouble paying the medical bills, then you may have the need for a personal injury lawyer. This legal advocate will be on your side during your worst time.

Why You Might Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

We could point to many benefits of having a legal representative, but, in the case of an auto accident, you only need one if you believe that you will have to make a claim for a serious personal injury. Each state has its own laws about the injury threshold, if any, and a definition of what qualifies as a personal injury. Each state is also either a no-fault state (where you go to your own insurance for the first round of medical benefits) or a state where you must seek damages from the defendant’s bodily injury (BI) policy. In Florida, for example, your personal injury protection (PIP) coverage included on your basic auto insurance policy pays the first $10,000 in medical expenses. This involves a billing process for which getting each insurance claim paid should involve minimum hassles. Then, for a significant personal injury, you could try to claim additional medical expenses from the defendant’s BI coverage, which isn’t an easy process and may require hiring a private attorney.

Some Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer

If you are in pain or starting to feel better, there are many questions that you have about how to get your private carrier to pay your insurance claim. When a claim gets denied, you may believe it was in error, which constitutes an insurance dispute. Here are some benefits that a personal injury attorney can provide to an injured car accident victim with an insurance dispute:

  • Assistance with giving a recorded statement to an insurance company
  • Preparing documentation for a bodily injury claim
  • Negotiating a fair settlement for an insurance claim or an insurance dispute
  • Filing a lawsuit if the insurance carrier won’t negotiate
  • Having all paperwork for the personal injury insurance claim handled in one place
  • Understanding your legal rights in the event of an insurance dispute
  • Increasing your chances of getting a fair resolution to your damages which weren’t covered by your own policy
  • Holding the defendant and his or her insurance company responsible for their negligence
  • Getting medical providers off your back who want payment yesterday.

When to Hire a Lawyer for an Insurance Dispute

Unfortunately, you could hire a lawyer and not be entirely sure if they have the experience to handle your insurance claim. However, attorneys who have tried cases and negotiated many settlements can share examples of past achievements at the first consultation. If your law firm gives you a junior attorney, he or she usually works under supervision of an experienced attorney. Victims typically hire an attorney on a contingency fee basis when having difficulty seeking relief from the defendant’s insurance company or their own uninsured motorist coverage. If your claims were paid by your insurance and you won’t have long-term medical expenses (or many unpaid medical bills), you may not need an attorney. Let an attorney explain your legal rights and evaluate your potential insurance claim.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident due to someone else’s negligence you may benefit from speaking with a personal injury attorney. Bryan Garrett is a personal injury attorney in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Call the personal injury law firm of Bryan Garrett today for a consultation. Bryan Garrett will fight for you!

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