Can You Sue Someone for Running a Red Light Accident in Oklahoma?

Nearly 145,000 people are injured in red light accidents every year. If you’re now part of that statistic, you may be wondering what your options are to seek compensation for your injuries.

Filing a red light lawsuit against the at-fault driver is one of the most effective ways to pursue compensation for your damages and begin moving forward in your life. Read on to learn more about the personal injury lawsuit process for red light accidents in Oklahoma.

What Are Red Light Accidents?

Red light accidents occur when a driver enters the intersection after the light has turned red or fails to follow traffic laws at a stoplight, resulting in an accident. Even if a driver is legally turning “right on red,” if they fail to ensure it’s safe to do so, it’s considered a red light accident.

While a red light accident can involve another vehicle or multiple vehicles, they also often involve pedestrians either on the crosswalk or sidewalk. In fact, more than half of all red light accident fatalities are pedestrians.

Determining Liability in Red Light Accidents

Before you can file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver in a red light accident, the insurance company must first determine who was at fault for the accident. Unfortunately, red light accidents often create complicated circumstances in which fault is unclear.

One way to determine fault in a red light accident is to request testimonies from witnesses at the scene. Another way is to review footage from a stoplight camera or a dashboard camera in a nearby vehicle.

The damages on both vehicles can also indicate who was at fault. If the accident resulted in a rear-end collision, for example, it is easier to place blame on the rear driver. Similarly, a side-impact crash could show that the driver with the front-end damage is at fault.

How a Car Accident Attorney Can Help

If you’re considering filing a red light lawsuit, your best course of action is to hire an attorney to represent you. Car accident attorneys have all the knowledge and experience necessary to create a convincing case.

Specifically, when you hire a car accident attorney, they will help you:

●        Gather evidence to prove liability

●        Understand your rights with the at-fault driver’s insurance company

●        Seek compensation to cover medical bills, lost wages, vehicle damage, and pain and suffering

●        Negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company

●        Fill out legal paperwork

While most car accident cases generally settle out of court, a lawyer can also ensure you have the guidance and representation you need to defend your case if your case goes to court.

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