What Happens When Someone Hits You Without Insurance in Oklahoma?

Insurance in Oklahoma

More than likely, you carry auto liability insurance in the event of an accident. Oklahoma state law mandates that all drivers should do so. However, a concerning number of residents drive around without adequate coverage – or any at all. 

If an uninsured or under-insured driver hits you in Oklahoma, you may not know what to do. Car accidents are always complex. When the other party doesn’t have enough insurance to cover your damages, the situation becomes even more complicated. 

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What to Do After Being Hit by an Uninsured Driver in Oklahoma 

The clock begins ticking as soon as an uninsured driver hits your car. To help ensure that you can recover your losses and receive compensation for the damage, take the following three steps: 

1. Contact the Police

No matter how minor the damage appears, contact the police immediately. You may overlook the extent of your vehicle’s damage while still on the scene. Additionally, you may have sustained injuries that don’t appear for hours or even days after the accident. 

While waiting on the police, gather as much evidence as possible. Take photos of the cars, write down any details that you can remember, and exchange contact information. After the police arrive, the officers will take statements from you, the other driver, and any nearby witnesses. Then, they will take down your vehicle details and contact information. 

2. Notify Your Insurance Company

Once you’ve filed a police report, contact your insurance company. You will need to file a claim against an uninsured motorist to ensure that your provider pay for vehicle damage and medical bills up to your maximum coverage amount. 

If you don’t have uninsured driver protection, you can still file a claim based on your policy’s collision coverage. Your insurer may not cover medical expenses, though. However, to improve your claim’s chances of going through, keep a file of relevant documents, including: 

  • The police report
  • Vehicle repair bills
  • Medical bills
  • Medical care records

3. Hire an Attorney

Even if your insurance provider agrees to pay for some of the damage, you might not get enough money to cover your bills. If so, you may decide to take the uninsured driver to court. 

Before doing so, contact a knowledgeable personal injury attorney to help guide you through the process. Your attorney may assist you in negotiating with your insurance company, resulting in additional compensation for injuries or damage. Further, they will review the details of your accident and help present your case to the court during your hearing. 

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If an uninsured driver hits you in Oklahoma, you may not know where to turn. Luckily, our team of personal injury attorneys at Bryan Garrett Law can help. 

We’ll work with you to file your claim, negotiate with your insurance company, and reach a beneficial settlement. In addition, we’ll provide you with the personalized care and attention you need to overcome a harrowing accident. 

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