The First Thing You Should Do After an Oklahoma Car Accident

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With 77% of drivers having been involved in at least one accident, the chances of having a car accident at some point in your life are very high.

When an unfortunate incident like this occurs, it can be challenging to know what to do. This article outlines best practices as well as things you should never do after an Oklahoma car accident.

Steps to Take After a Car Accident

Hearing the crunch of metal and feeling the impact of a collision is bound to send a jolt of adrenaline through the body, making clear, rational thinking difficult. If you know beforehand what to do in the event of an accident, you’ll be better prepared to handle yourself when something like this happens.

By taking appropriate steps from the moment the crash occurs, you can improve the likelihood that the determination of fault lands in your favor. If the other driver is liable, being mindful of your actions can help you solidify your case.

1. Get to Safety

Assuming you can move, the first thing to do is get out of the way of oncoming traffic. If you have passengers, ensure they are also safe and check on the other driver(s). It’s also prudent to remove any vehicles or debris from the road, but do not put yourself at risk in the process.

2. Contact the Police

It’s always a good idea to phone the police, and preferably 911, in case injuries need to be addressed on the scene, or parties need transport to the hospital.

3. Gather Evidence

Once you’ve established that everyone is safe, it’s time for some evidence gathering. Take pictures of your vehicle and any others involved from all sides. If there are skid marks, relevant street signs, or road conditions, make sure you snap some photos. Another person can handle this task if you are too injured or shaken.

4. Exchange Information

Ask for the other driver’s contact information and insurance card. Again, take pictures of the license and ID card to ensure you’re getting accurate information. If there are witnesses, ask for their contact information as well.

5. Get Medical Attention

Make an appointment with a doctor as soon as possible, even if you’re not sure if you’ve been injured. Not only does this step protect your health, but it also protects your claim if you end up experiencing symptoms from an injury that occurred from the crash but didn’t immediately notice.

What to Avoid After an Accident

Just like there is a list of dos, there are also things you should avoid.

1. Don’t Lose Your Cool

Tempers may be running hot but resist the urge to get emotional or angry. Yelling and causing a scene can hurt your case or even land you in legal hot water.

2. Don’t Admit Fault

Never admit fault. Further, avoid pointing fingers and placing blame. Remain objective and let the investigators hash out the details.

3. Don’t Post on Social Media

After a traumatic incident, it can be tempting to share what happened. Avoid posting anything about the incident because that evidence can be used against you. It would be best if you also exercised common sense during your recovery. For example, if you are claiming a severe, life-altering injury, posting a vacation picture of you living life unencumbered contradicts your story.

The Next Thing You Should Do? Contact Attorney Bryan Garrett

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