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“When my husband and I had a wreck, we tried to do everything ourselves.  We called the insurance company and they said the wreck was our fault.  Through a friend we called Bryan’s office and he was immediately helpful.  He got statements from witnesses and did a thorough investigation and in just a matter of days, the insurance company changed its position and accepted responsibility.  I can’t imagine doing a case like this on our own.  Bryan’s expertise allowed us to focus on getting our injuries healed, including surgery and getting back to work.  He and his office were always there to take our calls or texts.  They were accessible, honest and straightforward through the entire case.”

Angela S.

“I had a really bad accident that was not my fault.  My car was demolished and I was in really bad pain.  I ended up needing a lot of physical therapy which took away from my time to work.  I had a lot of wage loss and things were very stressful and money was tight during this time.  Another attorney recommended I call Bryan and I am glad I did.  He was always there to take my calls and answer all my questions.  He was always able to respond to me very quickly and that meant a lot, knowing I had someone on my side during a tough time.  I wouldn’t wish anyone go through what I did from my wreck, but if you do then I really recommend you call Bryan’s office.  I would recommend him to everyone I know.”

Steve G.

“I’ve used Bryan a few times for myself and my family.  He has handled cases for me and my parents.  He is always willing to go above and beyond to make us comfortable.  He is easy to trust and get along with, and really relates to people very well.  He explains the entire process of the injury claim and we ended up in a lawsuit, which I had never been in before.  He explained that process very well and made a difficult and trying experience as smooth as possible.  I don’t just consider him an attorney and I would call him anytime I needed good advice about anything!  His office and staff are there to help, and I have told many people to call Bryan for any questions they have, and I’ll always recommend him to people I know.  He’s one of the best injury attorneys around.  He has always done a great job for us and gotten us excellent results.”

Ashley S.