Do I Need a Lawyer to Handle My Oklahoma Motorcycle Accident Case?

Getting in an accident while driving a motorcycle can be incredibly frightening. Motorcycle accidents are often very dangerous to the driver and can cause serious injuries. 

An experienced Oklahoma motorcycle accident lawyer can help you navigate the legal and insurance processes following your accident. This may give you peace of mind and confidence while you recover and seek compensation from insurance companies. Contact Bryan Garrett, PLLC to learn more about how we can help.

Support Through Every Step

There are many steps that motorcycle accident victims must take after an accident. From gathering and submitting evidence to insurance companies to speaking with other parties, there are a lot of elements to juggle, and the stakes are high. A motorcycle crash attorney in Oklahoma can confidently help you navigate these steps.

Determine Liability

The first thing an insurance company wants to know is who is responsible for the accident. It might be another driver if their actions or inactions caused the collision. If the road conditions were bad or there was a manufacturing defect in one of the vehicles, another party entirely may be responsible. An Oklahoma lawyer for motorcycle accidents can help identify liable parties and protect your best interests.

Gather Evidence

Part of proving liability is gathering relevant evidence. Photos, police reports, medical records, and witness statements can all be crucial elements in proving liability. Experienced legal representation for motorcycle collisions in Oklahoma can take the lead and provide know-how in collecting and documenting evidence.

Working With Insurance

Many victims worry about speaking with insurance companies for fear of saying the wrong thing, failing to submit an important piece of evidence, or accidentally implicating themselves. An Oklahoma motorcycle accident lawyer from Bryan Garrett, PLLC, knows the ins and outs and best practices of communicating with your insurance company and the insurance companies of other providers. That experience will help ensure you have the best opportunity to receive compensation.

Handling Communications

Outside of speaking with insurance companies, you may need to communicate and work with adjusters, law enforcement, and the lawyers for any other parties. This can be overwhelming and stressful; with so many parties to keep track of, it’s easy to get distracted and accidentally forget things. An Oklahoma motorcycle accident injury lawyer can handle these communications on your behalf with respect and professionalism.

Peace of Mind

Recovering after a motorcycle accident is no small feat. Often, victims sustain serious physical injuries. If you are recovering from injuries, you deserve to focus on your health, which can be hard to do while stressing about handling the aftermath of the accident. You can rest easy and focus on healing with a motorcycle wreck lawyer serving Oklahoma in your corner.

What to Do After an Accident

If you have recently suffered in a motorcycle accident, safety is always the top priority. Ensure that anyone who needs immediate medical care, including you, receives the attention they need. If you can, take photographs of the accident scene and any damage your motorcycle or other vehicles sustained.

Reach out to an Oklahoma motorcycle accident lawsuit attorney as quickly as possible. The sooner you have experienced legal representation helping you, the more effectively you can make your case.

Reach Out Today

Call the team at Bryan Garrett, PLLC. A professional, experienced Oklahoma motorcycle accident lawyer can make all the difference in your recovery process and conversations with insurance companies. Reach out to (405) 972-6931 today to learn more. We can answer all your questions, explain your rights, and determine your case’s potential worth should you decide to move forward.

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