Do I Have To Make an Insurance Claim, or Can I File a Lawsuit Right Away?

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When you begin seeking compensation for your damages after a car accident, you’ll likely discover that you have a few options. You can file an insurance claim, a lawsuit with the help of an injury accident attorney in OKC, or both. Understanding which route is right for you and when to file such paperwork can help you seek fair compensation for your damages. 

Read on from our experienced legal team at Bryan Garrett, PLLC, in Oklahoma City to learn when you should file a claim or a lawsuit after your accident and how the process works. 

Benefits of Filing an Insurance Claim

When you file a claim with an auto insurance company, you can begin repairing your vehicle soon as possible. You may also qualify for a rental car to maintain your transportation. 

If you don’t file an insurance claim, you may be stuck with a damaged vehicle. Lawsuits often arise after accidents that involve hefty repairs or injuries, as insurance companies tend to provide lowball offers for accident victims with high costs.

When to File an Insurance Claim

All insurance companies have deadlines regarding when you must file a claim following the accident. Regardless of the deadline, you should file the claim as soon as possible to begin the process. 

You should file an insurance claim for nearly all accidents involving property damage or common injuries like whiplash or cuts and bruises, even if you caused the accident, to notify the insurers. The only time you can consider not filing a claim is if you only slightly damaged your car with no other vehicles or injuries involved, like dinging a light pole. 

If you want to file a lawsuit, you should file an insurance claim first.

Why You Should Also File a Lawsuit with Your Attorney

An OKC injury accident attorney can help you file a lawsuit that shows the insurance company how serious the case and the injuries are. Lawsuits allow your attorney to gather further evidence for your case, helping you seek maximum compensation. 

You may also require legal representation if the insurance company denies your claim. Insurers may deny your claim over liability disputes, policy issues, unpaid premiums, and more. Professional law firms can help you fight denied claims and negotiate settlement offers to protect your rights. 

How the Discovery Phase Can Strengthen Your Case

The discovery phase is an integral part of the lawsuit process. During this phase, your attorney will gather all related evidence to support your case, including medical opinions, photos, witness statements, and more. 

For example, if the insurance company thinks you were partially liable, your attorney may interview witnesses or check traffic footage to verify exactly how and why the accident occurred. The discovery phase of the lawsuit process lets you investigate the details of your case further. 

Tips for Building a Strong Case After an Accident

Lawsuits and insurance claims involve many legalities that can restrict your compensation if you don’t understand them properly. In addition to meeting with an experienced attorney as soon as possible, follow these tips after an accident:

  • Do not admit liability to anyone on the accident scene
  • Do not post about the accident online
  • File your claim immediately
  • Do not discuss injury details with any officers or insurance agents until consulting an attorney
  • Do not accept insurance offers without speaking with your attorney
  • Keep all related documents and evidence from the accident

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